It’s Easter and That Means a Chocolate Bunny

People have various reasons for recognizing Easter. For some it’s a religious holiday and family tradition. For others it has no religious significance, but it’s a 3-day weekend in early spring in which to relax and enjoy.

Just as varied are the “celebrations” that people participate in over this holiday weekend. For those with very young children, there is the dyeing of hard boiled eggs. These are usually used for an egg hunt later or eaten as part of Easter morning breakfast. I remember dyeing Easter eggs as a kid with my brother and sisters. Mom had us color them outside because we made such a mess.

Then, as I mentioned, is the Easter egg hunt in which those dyed eggs, or better yet plastic eggs filled with candy, are hidden in the back yard. I don’t know what it was about them, but those egg hunts were so much fun. I couldn’t wait to start finding them. Maybe it was a bit of competition to see who could find the most eggs.

A favorite for kids is the Easter basket filled with candy and small toys. Depending on the size of the basket and what’s in it, it was sometimes like a mini-Christmas or birthday.

Since Easter is when the weather is getting warmer, or supposed to be, many people make good use of this time of the year and go on family hikes, quick trips to the beach, or just simple activities such as a cook-out or backyard games. Most people use this time to get together with family and friends. Some may go to an Easter Service at their church. Many will have an Easter brunch or dinner at home or at a restaurant. Having an extra day off on the weekend makes getting together much easier and more doable, especially if there’s any travel involved.

Though my family has participated in most of these activities at one time or another, there is one thing I always look forward to at Easter and that’s a chocolate bunny. And not just any chocolate bunny. It has to be solid chocolate. Nothing is more disappointing than biting into a hollow candy rabbit. I actually think it’s a cruel trick to pull on a little kid who thinks he or she is about to bite into a massive chunk of chocolate and is confronted with the fact that it’s an empty shell with the chocolate thickness of a sixteenth of an inch. I’ve heard all the reasons, such as it’s better for my teeth and that the solid ones can potentially break a tooth. I don’t know of anyone who broke a tooth biting into the ears of a sold chocolate bunny. I also realize you may think the hollow rabbit is cheaper, but I bet that is not the case if you calculate the price per ounce.

What’s more, I need that solid chocolate bunny. I have one week of classes left, followed by 10 days of final exams, and a lot of assignments and studying to do. Chocolate is known to elevate one’s mood, improve focus, memory, and learning, and relieve stress. So Easter Bunny (aka, mom or dad), if you want me to do well don’t skip or skimp on the solid chocolate bunny this year. Thanks.

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