All my life I have loved writing, meeting and helping people, and getting excitement out of every day. That’s what I see in public relations and why I want to join a public relations agency. I want a career where I feel I can make a difference.

I have interned in internal communications, public relations, and in social media. I have experience in media writing, public relations research, and in social media.  I am never afraid to talk to people and I believe life is too short to not make the most out of every day.


Crash Campaign

During Crash Campaign I researched social media analytics and which platforms can help companies reach their target audiences and increase engagement (Appendix E and F). I also conducted an in depth interview to get consumer feedback.

Sample work

MEJO 332 Communication Audit

MEJO 332 Fact Sheet

MEJO 332 Media Advisory

MEJO 137 Creative Brief for Sun-Maid Raisins

MEJO 137 Sun-Maid Raisins Mind Map

MEJO 475 – Assignment 1- L’Oréal

MEJO 379- Columbia Research Plan

Connect with me

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