I’m Going To Be an Uncle

I’m about to be a first time uncle. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child in just a few weeks. It’s really starting to hit me now that they are going to be parents and I’m going to be an uncle.

Last October, my brother and his wife FaceTimed me with the news. It was great to hear. I was very happy for them. Then I thought about our parents. They’re going to be first time grandparents. I was more excited for them. I had to call them and needless to say they were ecstatic. I then talked to my sisters. They were excited to become aunts. Like me, they were happy for our brother and sister-in-law and were thrilled for our parents. My one sister got teary-eyed and choked up every time she thought or talked about it. They say with age comes wisdom, so with their many years and with raising four kids of their own, I think they will be excellent grandparents.

Anyway, back to me. I am not only going to be an uncle, I will be this kid’s only uncle, at least until one of my sisters or one of my brother’s sisters-in-law gets married and has kids. Since this is probably going to happen eventually, I have to position myself as the favorite uncle.

On thing I need to do is to make sure I send a card and cool gift for his birthday and holidays (BTW they are having a boy so I have used the correct pronoun here). I may even stock up on a few cards and stamps so I have them ready and available.

Another thing is I have to earn a good salary when I graduate so I can buy him tons of candy and all the awesome toys his parents didn’t, or won’t, buy him. This will probably put me at the top of the favorite list.

I’m a young uncle. The baby’s due date is May 3 and I will just have turned 21 when he is born. But even though I am young and inexperienced with babies, I plan on us being close. Having 10 years of youth on my brother, I will be the fun guy in the family. I will take him to the zoo, amusement parks, read as many books to him as many times as he wants, watch every Disney movie there is, color and draw with him and tell him how great it looks, and play endless hours of card, board, and video games. I will show him the simple fun of taking a paper towel roll and using it as a pirate telescope as we are on a pirate ship in search of treasure. I’ll have the chance to be a kid again.

I can’t wait to see if my brother begins to act more like our dad. I just can’t imagine. He’s my brother. It’s almost as if my childhood just flashed before my eyes.

I’m ready to hold him, and then hand him back to one of his parents when he cries, fusses, or needs to be changed.

All kidding aside, I am excited and look forward to being a very good uncle. I would like to be a person he can open up to about anything and everything, especially since I won’t be that much older than he is and definitely closer in age to him than his dad (sorry I had to get one more in here). I hope to be dependable and a good friend. So nephew (I can’t call you by your name yet because they haven’t told me what they are naming you), I make you a few promises.

I promise I’ll come visit at the earliest time after you are born. I will check in to see how you are doing. I promise you will know me even though we may never live in the same state. I will nag your parents to bring you to visit me or to let me visit you often. I will be there for you and your family. I promise you will always have a place to go. Love, Uncle Bobby.

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